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Trustap Business & Technology Scholarship 2022

We are directing this program by partnering with universities & colleges throughout Ireland, with a focused approach, targeting students in their final year, committed to disciplines with a strong relevance to our business.

10 months ago
Student Rental Scams on the Rise

Students warned to be extra vigilant when seeking accommodation for the academic year. Learn how Trustap can help keep you safe from rental scams.

3 months ago
Common Crypto Scams and How to Avoid Them

As public interest in cryptocurrency investing has soared so have cryptocurrency scams and bitcoin fraud. Learn how to spot and avoid the most common scams.

3 months ago
Scammed out of over €500 buying Festival Tickets!

If you are buying an expensive item on a Facebook Group, you need to be on alert for scammers. Learn how Erica fell victim to a Facebook Group scammer.

4 months ago
New Phishing Scam Targeting Online Selling Websites/Marketplace Websites

Phishing scams are extremely common over the phone, text messages, emails and more. Learn how to recognise this scam and how using Trustap can help you avoid it.

4 months ago
Abandoned Pets Increase as Owners Struggle from Rising Cost of Living in the UK & Ireland

With inflation increasing the cost of owning a pet, animal shelters and rescues in the UK are seeing a jump in pets being given up or abandoned.

5 months ago
Safest Way to Trade Funko Pops in 2022 – What to look out for!

Transacting a Funko Pop with an unknown source can often leave one with a feeling of unease. This blog will help you to identify what to look out for when either buying or selling Funko Pops online.

5 months ago