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Car Sales Recovering — How Trustap continues to help

Trustap is disrupting used-car retailing—for the better. This new wave of digital retailing represents more than technology alone because it focuses a spotlight on the importance of the customer experience in the used-car-buying process.

3 years ago
5 Irish Start-ups Committed to Creating a More Sustainable Future!

Learn about 5 Irish start-ups providing sustainable solutions to combat the effects of climate change.

1 year ago
Student Rental Scams on the Rise

Students warned to be extra vigilant when seeking accommodation for the academic year. Learn how Trustap can help keep you safe from rental scams.

2 years ago
New Phishing Scam Targeting Online Selling Websites/Marketplace Websites

Phishing scams are extremely common over the phone, text messages, emails and more. Learn how to recognise this scam and how using Trustap can help you avoid it.

2 years ago
Abandoned Pets Increase as Owners Struggle from Rising Cost of Living in the UK & Ireland

With inflation increasing the cost of owning a pet, animal shelters and rescues in the UK are seeing a jump in pets being given up or abandoned.

2 years ago
Trustap Raises $3.4m To Bring Confidence and Security to Online Transactions

End-to-end digital transaction platform Trustap announced $3.4m in Seed funding to accelerate its mission to provide buyers and sellers with peace of mind when engaging in an online or face-to-face transaction.

2 years ago
PSD2 — Strong Customer Authentication

The whole point of PSD2 is to make e-Payments more secure. One of the main requirements from it, for payment service providers like Trustap, is ‘Strong Customer Authentication’ (SCA). In October 2019, the European Banking Authority announced that by December 2020, SCA will be fully enforced.

3 years ago