High Value Transactions


A high-value transaction is any transaction equal to or above $5,000. These come with associated risks. Therefore, Trustap has established a white glove service to fulfil your requirements, ensuring you remain protected.

Your benefits

No Chargebacks

A Trustap representative will manage the transaction from start to finish, ensuring a secure and streamlined process.

Reduced Fees

High-value transactions benefit from reduced escrow fees. Pricing starts at 1%, with custom fees available for larger transactions.

Flexible Payment Options

The payment fees of our secure High-Value Transaction service is either paid by the buyer, the seller, or shared between them.

Verified Stripe Partner

Stripe Verified Partner

Cross-Border Capabilities

With over 135 countries covered in collaboration with our partner Stripe, the world’s most secure payment system, Trustap provides cross-border transactions in all major jurisdictions.

Dedicated Trustap Team

Responsive Service

Our team of professionals worldwide are solely dedicated to escrow and are ready to assist you with your transaction needs anywhere, anytime.

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