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EY & Ignite Business Plan Award

EY & Ignite UCC, 2017

As a Trustap buyer, you can track your transaction every step of the way. Your money will be held securely until you’re happy with what you’ve bought.
As a Trustap seller, you can be sure that the buyer’s identity has been verified. You’ll be able to see exactly when the money has been sent so you can proceed with the transaction without any worries.

Is Trustap a secure payment system? Yes.

Trustap has partnered with Stripe, which ensures all customer payments and details are handled with the highest level of security.

How secure?

How can Trustap's secure payment system help your business?

Protect your customers with the most secure online payment gateway.

Whether it’s virtual goods or physical products, whether you’re a small marketplace or a large eCommerce site, we take care of your business. Add Trustap to your business and allow your customers to transact with confidence and safety.

Protect Your Payments.
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  1. Download the iOS/Android app or open the web app
  2. Create an account
  3. Create or join a transaction
  4. Select the type of transaction
  5. Input details
  6. Follow progress

Trustap combines online payments with face to face meetings to provide a secure and efficient way to make peer-to-peer payments with strangers online or in-person in a simple, 4 step process.

Face to Face

1. Buyer transfers refundable deposit to Trustap
2. Buyer and seller meet face to face where item can be inspected
3. Seller sets the total price and buyer submits remaining payment into Trustap
4. Item is handed over and Trustap releases funds to the seller

Watch how Face 2 Face Transactions work


1.Buyer submits payment into Trustap
2. Seller sends product
3. Buyer receives item
4. Trustap releases funds to the seller
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Watch how Online Transactions work
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Learn about the TrustAPI

The TrustAPI is a REST-based API for managing user data and transactions for Trustap users.

Integrate Trustap’s APIs into your platform and enable your customers to safely transact online with strangers.

Just relax. Use Trustap.

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