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Whether you’re an ecommerce site or a marketplace, we provide the safest and the most reliable digital payment solution for your end users. By partnering with Trustap you can open up a whole new world of data insights and additional revenue streams.

We have a variety of integration options to best suit your business's needs which our business development team can help you out with. Leave your email below to hear about our partnership updates and how Trustap can help your business.

Increased Conversions

Become a partner and optimize your conversion rate.

Trustap provides a safe and intuitive payment method that will enhance the shopping experience of your customers.

Significant Insights

Track and improve the payment process.

Collect insights from your customers’ purchasing and payment behavior and detect inefficiencies in the payment chain.

Personalized Support

Our awesome team is always here to assist you with any questions you might have.

We will provide real-time support and help you get started with Trustap in minutes.

Smooth Integration

Partner with our payment plaftorm in minutes.

Integrate Trustap payments on your platform and allow businesses and people to transact with strangers safely and seamlessly.

Unique Solution

A payment platform like no other.

We provide a distinct payment solution that sets us apart from our competitors, providing transaction models that both buyers and seller can have faith in.

Large Worldwide Market

Available for businesses in over 43 countries.

With over 43 countries supported on Trustap, your users can accept payments from almost anywhere.


We're a verified Stripe partner!

By partnering with the world's most secure payment system, we've added an extra layer of security and trust for both our users and partners

How does a Trustap partnership work?

  • Integrate Trustap directly onto an existing marketplace.
  • Revolutionise your business with an escrow-style payment platform.
  • Access for your users to an Online and Face To Face model.
  • Have any queries immediately answered by our 24/7 support team.
Trustap partnership

Is Trustap a secure payment system? Yes.

Trustap has partnered with Stripe, which ensures all customer payments and details are handled with the highest level of security.

How secure?

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What countries is Trustap available in?

With over 43 countries and 135 countries supported on Trustap, your users can accept payments from almost anywhere.

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