Managing the Complexities of High Value Transactions

Managing the Complexities of High Value Transactions

High-value transactions (HVT) inherently carry risks, emphasising the need for a dependable and secure payment platform. Trustap’s HVT service emerges as a top-tier solution, providing a foundation of trust and security for transactions at or exceeding $5,000. Not only does Trustap provide an exceptional HVT service but continues to add value in its collaboration with Checkfirst, a digital authority specialising in compliance, data collection, and trust.

Your Trustap Benefits – Chargeback Protection, Reduced Fees, Flexibility and a Responsive Service:

Chargeback Protection:

Our team shield you from the stress, financial risk and hours of administrative burden linked to combating chargebacks. Trustap assigns a dedicated representative to oversee your entire transaction from start to finish, significantly decreasing the likelihood of chargebacks. In the event they occur, we fight on your behalf, boasting an unprecedented 90% win rate.

Reduced Fees:

Trustap offers reduced escrow fees for high-value transactions, starting at a competitive 1%. Custom fees are available for larger transactions, ensuring you get the best value for your money while safeguarding your financial interests.

Flexible Payment Options:

Flexibility is key, especially when substantial sums are involved. Trustap’s secure HVT service accommodates the preferences of the buyer, seller, or a shared responsibility, ensuring a payment arrangement that aligns with your unique needs.

Responsive Service:

Whether you need clarification, have concerns, or require guidance, Trustap recognises the importance of time in HVT transactions. You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will be on hand to ensure you are never alone during your transaction journey, ready to assist you anytime and anywhere.

Trustap and Checkfirst’s Collaborative Solution

Checkfirst functions as a third-party verification platform that provides an extra layer of trust. Its user-friendly platform enables the collection of accurate and verified data remotely, eliminating the necessity for on-site verifications. For high-value transactions, especially those involving physical products, Checkfirst excels with features such as video and image geo-tagging, along with digital signatures, ensuring accountability throughout the process. With Checkfirst, buyers gain the capability to conduct inspections, verifying the existence and similarity of the product to its online description and their supplier’s identity. This functionality adds an additional layer of protection against potential disputes, further enhancing the overall transaction process facilitated by Trustap.

In the complex realm of high-value transactions, Trustap is committed to your security and success. Trustap’s partnership with Checkfirst allows you to add an additional, optional layer of protection to your transactions, further bolstering defences against distrust, dishonesty, and unaccountability. Trustap and Checkfirst together form a winning combination for your high-value endeavours.

By Katie Collins