Safeguarding Transactions with Expert Fraud Analysts

Safeguarding Transactions with Expert Fraud Analysts

The rapidly evolving digital landscape of today brings with it an increased risk of deception. As a result, guaranteeing the safety and reliability of online transactions becomes absolutely critical. At Trustap, we are dedicated to safeguarding our users, protecting them from fraudulent transactions and potential scams. Our team of fraud analysts and chargeback specialists have diligently implemented a comprehensive range of measures to ensure the security and authenticity of every transaction conducted on our platform.

Advanced Fraud Detection Techniques

Our team of expert fraud analysts utilise an amalgamation of machine learning fraud detection tools and technologies to swiftly identify fraudulent transactions in real time.

Working closely alongside Trustap’s data science and product teams, our fraud analysts are able to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of our machine learning and artificial intelligence tools.

Embedded within our payment acquiring flows, our fraud analysts have developed a comprehensive set of fraud prevention rules. These encompass additional authentication and automatic payment blocking rules which are continuously reviewed and adapted to align with current trends.

This collaborative approach, coupled with our established rules, ensures that our defences remain one step ahead of evolving fraudulent techniques.

Thorough Review and Proactive Outreach

Thorough investigations are conducted into suspected fraudulent activities. In cases where suspicions arise, a member of the fraud team will firstly reach out to both the buyer and seller to authenticate the genuineness of the transaction.

In cases of fraud, our analysts respond promptly and take appropriate action. This can involve blocking transactions, freezing accounts, or when necessary escalating the matter to law enforcement authorities.

We maintain a comprehensive database of known fraudsters and their tactics, enabling us to proactively identify and block fraudulent activities from the outset. Furthermore, our team is trained to detect patterns within malicious transactions, ensuring they stay well-informed with regard to the latest fraud trends and techniques.

This hands on, swift approach minimises the impact of fraudulent activities and protects our users from financial losses.

Expert Chargeback Specialists

Chargebacks are an unfortunate reality of the online payment landscape. To minimise their impact, Trustap’s dedicated chargeback specialists possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in countering chargebacks effectively.

These specialists work closely with our partners to build robust cases to challenge each chargeback. With a steady win rate above 90%, their efforts ensure our partners’ businesses are protected.

Our chargeback specialists are not just focused on mitigating the effects of chargebacks, they also prioritise knowledge sharing and prevention awareness. By collaborating with our partners, they educate them on how to prevent fraudulent chargebacks and identify instances of friendly fraud.

This proactive approach fosters a stronger ecosystem and protects both Trustap and our partners’ businesses.

Trustap’s commitment to fraud prevention is unwavering. By upholding a safe and secure environment, Trustap empowers users to engage in online transactions with confidence, fostering a thriving community built on trust and peace of mind.

By Valerie Rondeau