Trustap for Beginners

Trustap for Beginners
What is Trustap?

Trustap is an online escrow-style payment gateway. Utilizing Stripe’s secure payment technology, Trustap secures the buyer’s money in a safehold account, and only releases the funds once all transactional milestones are complete.

Is Trustap safe?

Yes, Trustap is safe. Trustap is powered by Stripe, the world’s most secure payment processor. Their partnership ensures all customer details and payments are handled with the highest level of security. As an added layer of protection, Trustap additionally uses 3D Secure Protection (also known as Payer Authentication).

For more information on Trustap’s secure partnership with Stripe, click here. 

How do you use Trustap?

Trustap can be accessed online by visiting the website or can be downloaded straight to your device from the App Store or Google Play Store.

To create a transaction you must first register for a Trustap account. You can register or login here and select ‘Create Transaction’ from the navigation panel. You will be prompted to answer two questions and fill out all transaction details. Once created, the other party is invited to join via a shared link. 

The buyer then inputs their payment details, depositing the agreed amount into the Trustap Hold. The seller will see the funds have been lodged and subsequently transfer the item to the buyer. If the item is being transferred via courier or delivery service, the seller will be required to input the tracking information within the available time limit. 

Once received, the 24-hour buyer complaints period begins. During this time, they can inspect the item, verifying its legitimacy. The funds are not released until after the complaints period has elapsed, ensuring you are satisfied with your new purchase. The money is then released from the Trustap Hold to the seller’s bank. 
If the item arrives in poor condition, is not as described, or is fraudulent then the buyer has 24 hours to submit a complaint to Trustap. This can be done through the App or by emailing The buyer is then contacted by the customer support team to begin the arbitration process.

What are the advantages of Trustap? 

 • Zero Selling Fees.
 • 100% Buyer Protection.
 • Powered by Stripe and 3DS Authentication.
 • 24-Hour Complaints Period with every Transaction.
 • Dedicated Customer Service to Assist with any Disputes or Transactions.

What is the difference between Trustap and other payment methods?

Trustap acts as an escrow service, meaning the seller does not receive the funds until the buyer has received and inspected their product or service, ensuring complete satisfaction. 
In exchange for full buyer protection, Trustap’s payment solution relies on the buyer to pay a small transaction fee, differing from many other payment methods. This means there are zero transaction fees for the seller. This payment solution has been shown to empower buyers and ensures little hesitation from legitimate sellers.
International transactions through other payment gateways often attract additional fees. Trustap on the other hand does not charge an additional price for international transactions.

In addition to this, there are no conversion fees or no chargeback fees with Trustap, meaning users could potentially save a lot of money. 

How much does Trustap cost?

Trustap currently supports the below currencies:
 • Euro
 • British Pound Sterling
 • US Dollar
 • Australian Dollar
 • Polish złoty

The fees per currency are:
Euro, British Pound Sterling, Polish złoty: 3% + 40c .
US Dollar: 4.4% + 40c.

By Harry McHugh