Trustap & Stripe Partnership

Trustap & Stripe Partnership

Who is Stripe?

Stripe is the world’s most secure payment processor. Partnering with them allows Trustap to offer its users and partners an extra layer of security and trust. Our partnership with Stripe ensures all customer payments and details are handled with the highest level of protection.

Stripe handles all payments made on Trustap!

Stripe is regulated in Europe by the Central Bank of Ireland and by the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority. Trustap’s partnership with Stripe ensures it complies with all AML, KYC, PSDII, and GDPR regulations in the countries listed here.

How does Trustap use Stripe?

Trustap uses two key Stripe products within their partnership, Stripe Radar and Identity.

Stripe Radar allows Trustap to fight fraud with the strength of the Stripe network.

Stripe processes payments for every industry, company size, and business model, across 197 countries. Even if a card is new to your business, there’s a 91% chance it’s been seen before on the Stripe network.

By learning from millions of global businesses processing billions in payments yearly, Radar can assign risk scores to every payment and automatically block many high-risk payments.

Radar scans every payment using thousands of signals from across the Stripe network to help detect and prevent fraud – even before it hits your business.

Stripe Identity allows Trustap to programmatically confirm the identity of global users so as to prevent fraudulent attacks and minimise friction between legitimate customers.

Stripe Identity allows Trustap to confidently verify the authenticity of ID documents from over 100 countries.

Stripe has optimized its fraud prevention systems through decades of experience fighting sophisticated fraudsters, continually updating their models to prevent the latest attacks.

By Katie Collins