How to use Trustap on Claz

How to use Trustap on Claz

What is Trustap?

Trustap is a digital payment platform that completely protects you from being scammed when you’re transacting with someone you don’t know on Claz. Trustap secures the buyer’s money in a safe hold account until all the transaction milestones are met and the complaints period elapses. The money is then instantly released to the seller.

Trustap is compatible across all platforms. Whether you’re using a laptop, a phone, or a tablet, you can use Trustap to transact with complete peace of mind.

Using Trustap on Claz is easy. Just navigate to your desired listing and click the ‘Make Offer’ button to get started. You will then be redirected to Trustap to register for your account, allowing you to make an offer to the seller. Once the seller has accepted your offer, the transaction will be created and both parties will be notified by email of the next step on Trustap. 

How Trustap works in 4 easy steps:

1. Buyer submits payment into the Trustap hold

2. Seller sends product

3. Buyer receives the item

4. Trustap releases funds to the seller

By Trustrap admin