How To Stay Safe When Buying From Online Marketplaces

How To Stay Safe When Buying From Online Marketplaces

Many classified websites don’t have a built in payment system, therefore finding a secure means of payment can be a difficult task for both parties. Classified websites don’t instil the greatest sense of trust in their users as it is, so oftentimes people can be particularly skeptical when it comes to payment via classified listings. 

Whilst there are a multitude of payment methods available, finding one that both parties are confident in and can trust can be difficult. Transacting through marketplaces such as eBay, Craigslist and DoneDeal can often lead to safety issues for users mainly due to the lack of a secure payment solution. However, one method which overcomes all the common security pitfalls is Trustap.

Why Trustap is the safest payment platform for you:
Trustap was designed to overcome the biggest security issues that are encountered between strangers transacting online. Trustap offers support and protection on both ends whether you’re the buyer or seller as well as offering a unique user flow that caters for transactions carried out both online and in person.

Transacting Online:

Online transactions tend to be the most popular form when it comes to classified marketplaces and are better suited to transactions happening across a greater distance when the item in question needs to be delivered via courier. For an online transaction, the buyer pays the full amount into the Trustap Hold. From there, the seller is given 48 hours to post the item in question and enter the tracking details. This tracked delivery service is one of the key features of Trustap’s payment method that other methods fail to offer. Once the item has been delivered and signed for, the buyer is again given a complaints window of 24 hours which once elapsed, releases the funds to the seller.

Transacting In Person:

Trustap’s model is ideal for in person transactions too where both parties are located within close proximity to one another, or for larger items that cannot be shipped like a car. It involves one party creating a transaction via the Trustap website or app, entering details like: the price, currency and description of the item. The second party then joins the transaction via a shared link. Then, the buyer places a refundable deposit in Trustap’s secure holding account, showing the seller that the buyer has genuine intention to buy. Once the money has been lodged the two parties can agree on a time and place to meet in person where the buyer can inspect the item and the two can agree on a final price. Once an agreement has been made, the buyer enters the remaining amount into the Trustap Hold and the seller hands over the item. The buyer is then given a one hour complaints period during which time they can inspect the item further to ensure it is ‘as described’ by the seller.

So, if you’re looking for a safer, more secure payment method when buying or selling on classified sites, Trustap can without a doubt offer you that extra peace of mind. For quick explainer videos on how each model works check out our website at:

By Luke Nicholson