How to Resell Tickets Safely Online

How to Resell Tickets Safely Online

Selling tickets online to strangers has always been a risky task. No matter the platform, the process of exchanging money and the tickets themselves brings with it major complications. What if there was a secure payment platform that solved all those problems? If you’re looking to resell tickets online in a safe way there are a few key steps that you should make sure to follow:

1. List the ticket online

Firstly, you need to choose a way to list your ticket online. Some popular options include classified sites such as Preloved, DoneDeal, Claz or Craigslist. If the event is big enough, for example, Electric Picnic or Glastonbury, there may also be Facebook groups set up specifically for reselling those tickets. Lastly, many people choose to try to resell their tickets to people they already know via social media, sharing posts or stories advertising the ticket to their followers.

2. Set a price

Pricing a resale ticket can be a difficult task. You want a price close to what you paid initially so you don’t lose out on money but sometimes charging the face value price is unrealistic when you take into consideration the potential demand for the tickets, the number of other tickets for sale and how close the event is to the time of listing your ticket. A good measure is usually to search classified sites to see how other people are pricing their tickets and to then price your ticket at the same level or to undercut their price.

3. Decide on method of handover and payment

Once you’ve found a buyer the two of you must decide on how you are going to exchange the tickets and the money. This can be a difficult process to navigate when the two parties are strangers as people can find it difficult to trust someone online that they don’t know. The seller can have doubts about the buyer’s potential to pay and the buyer can have doubts about the ticket being invalid and the whole sale being a scam.

How does Trustap work?

Trustap provides a method for both parties to exchange the tickets and the money in a safe and protected way. With Trustap, the buyer or the seller creates a transaction for the tickets through our website or app and have the other party join the transaction via a shared link. The buyer then deposits the agreed sum for the tickets which Trustap holds in a safe account, known as the Trustap Hold. The seller then can see that the funds have been lodged and can then either post the tickets in an online transaction, in which case the tickets are tracked by Trustap or both parties can agree to meet face to face to hand over the tickets in person.

Trustap will hold the funds until both parties are satisfied with the transaction. This way both the buyer and seller are protected and can transact with peace of mind. The buyer is given a complaints period during which time they can inspect the tickets and verify that they are valid. The funds are not released until the buyer confirms they have received the tickets and until the complaints period has elapsed. The seller is also protected from fraudulent complaints and from having an item returned to them that is different from what they originally sent.
Trustap also supports the sale of e-tickets, making ticket resale that much easier. With this feature users can resell tickets through trusted third party ticket transfer services such as Ticketmaster Ticket Transfer, using Trustap as their payment method.

The platform is perfect for the reselling of tickets with the complaints period offering buyers ample time to verify the authenticity of the tickets before the funds are released to the seller. By using Trustap, buyers and sellers alike can make the ticket resale process that bit safer. Begin your first transaction right here and start selling your tickets with complete peace of mind.

By Luke Nicholson