Safest Way to Trade Funko Pops in 2022 – What to look out for!

Safest Way to Trade Funko Pops in 2022 – What to look out for!

The process of buying and selling online has always involved a certain level of unpredictability, and as the internet’s capabilities increase, so does the potential to deceive. Transacting a Funko Pop with an unknown source can often leave one with a feeling of unease. This blog will help you to identify what to look out for when either buying or selling your favourite Funko Pops online.

How to Detect Fraud when Purchasing & Trading Funko Pops

There are many people online who will attempt to take advantage of you within your quest to obtain your next desired Pop. Scammers often deem collectors to be an easy target, with fraudulent transactions taking place every day. The customer can often be left discouraged after their purchase to discover either an incorrect, damaged or nonexistent Pop. It is essential to protect yourself from all possible harm and transact exclusively in a safe environment when negotiating with an online merchant. Trustap is a secure payment platform which allows you to buy and sell anything without the risk of being scammed. If you are looking to purchase your favourite Funko Pops, Trustap is the safest way to transact online. Their team of fraud analysts ensure suspicious transactions are flagged, paused and investigated before any funds are released.

We provide Buyer Protection on all your Funko Pop Transactions

Trustap can remove all buyer hesitation, leaving you to shop in complete confidence. The secure platform positions itself between the buyer and the seller of the Funko Pop to ensure a safe and protected transaction process. Once an agreed amount has been negotiated, the buyer can utilise Trustap to proceed with payment. Either the buyer or the seller can create a transaction through the platform and via a shared link will invite the other party to join. The agreed amount is then deposited by the buyer into a secure Trustap account, known as the Trustap Hold. The seller will see the funds have been lodged and sequentially dispatch the product for delivery.

Alternatively, if agreed, both parties can meet face-to-face to transact the Funko Pop in person. Whether shipped or physically transferred from one hand to another, Trustap’s payment process remains the same. Trustap will retain the funds within the Trustap Hold until both parties are satisfied with the transaction. This process ensures protection for both the buyer and the seller, meaning they can transact with peace of mind. A complaints period is provided for the buyer. During this time, they can inspect the Funko Pop, verifying its condition. The funds are not released until the complaints period has elapsed and the buyer confirms they have received the Funko Pop in an acceptable state.

The Safest way to Sell Funko Pops Online

Throughout all transactions, Trustap not only protects the buyers but additionally the sellers. In exchange for full buyer protection, our payment solution relies on the customer to pay the small transaction fee, meaning there are no transaction fees for the seller. Trustap additionally safeguards all sellers from fraudulent complaints and dishonest returns, whereby a customer may attempt to return an item unrelated to the one originally received. Trustap takes full liability for the transaction, with their support team on hand to mediate and resolve all disputes. Utilising Trustap’s buyer protection and fraud detection features, sellers can add a whole new layer of security to their trading platforms, instantly removing the biggest barrier to attracting cautious users.

Uncertainty and unpredictability are concepts which often surround the processes of online transactions, especially within marketplaces when dealing with unknown sources. It is therefore important to protect yourself and recognise how to transact safely with another. Through Trustap, buyers and sellers can ensure a more secure, protected, risk-free transaction process. Trustap is an instant transactional solution for any marketplace, eliminating the prospect of fraud and scams.

Begin your first transaction today and start buying your beloved Funko Pops with complete peace of mind.

By Katie Collins