Marketplace Payment Solution

Marketplace Payment Solution

Start accepting payments on your Marketplace platform with Trustap

Trustap is an end-to-end payment solution that allows classified marketplaces to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers online.
Trustap allows you to accept multiple currencies and payment methods online, hold funds in segregated accounts and automate pay-outs once specified milestones are completed.

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Secure Payment Gateway

Trustap takes full liability for each transaction. Giving both the seller and customer confidence in every purchase.

Increase Sales

By offering full buyer protection on-site, customers have peace of mind when transacting with someone they don’t know.

Grow Globally

With over 135 currencies and dozens of payment methods, Trustap makes it easy to launch new markets.

Transaction Display

Milestone Based Transactions

We provide a distinct payment solution that sets us apart from our competitors.
Our secure payment platform completely eliminates the risk of fraudulent transactions through our milestone-based payment model, allowing customers to transact with peace of mind.

Seamless Integration

Integrate our payment solution easily thanks to a developer-friendly API. Our TrustAPI is made to match your development resources, need for customization and speed of delivery.

Our technical support is always on hand to assist with the integration to make the process seamless.

Our Partners

An end-to-end payments platform with global scale and flexibility for all marketplace models.

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By Luke Nicholson