How to Increase Customer Loyalty on E-commerce Stores by Optimizing Your Return Management Process

How to Increase Customer Loyalty on E-commerce Stores by Optimizing Your Return Management Process

As ecommerce continues to expand, shopping is no longer deemed an inconvenient task. Purchasing your desired products has never been easier. Within a few clicks, you can fulfil all your wants and needs, making shopping easier than ever before. However, with the convenience, comes the added risk of receiving products that may fall short of the customers expectations. As an ecommerce business owner, managing returns can be a challenging task. However, if managed well, it can improve customer loyalty.

Transparent and Simple Returns Policy

Although returns can be frustrating, they are an inevitable part of running an ecommerce business and essential in maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. A transparent, comprehendible returns policy is crucial.

A good returns process can help you retain customers and maintain loyalty, while a poor returns process can be detrimental to your business. If you overcomplicate your return procedure it could deter customers from returning.

Provide Customers with an Easy to Use Return System

Implementing a self-service returns system is an excellent way to simplify your returns process. Not only will this increase the customers chance of returning, but it will significantly decrease the amount of time staff dedicate to completing return forms and handling customer service complaints.

In order to reduce the number of overall returns try implementing a feedback system into the self service return process, asking your customers for there reasoning behind the return. This data should allow you to identify areas in need of improvement and you can enhance your site accordingly.

A Secure Checkout Experience

Offering an escrow service payment option on your website can additionally be a great way of managing returns. They not only provide sellers with a level of protection but additionally help build trust with buyers, which can lead to less returns and more sales in the future. By using an escrow service payment plugin, customers can trust they will get what they have paid for, or get their money back, without you, the store owner having to incur any chargeback fees. 

Trustap offers a free escrow payment service, which allows you to securely take payments, via Stripe‚Äôs secure technology, without you having to incur any transaction fees. Trustap is a trusted third party that securely holds the buyers money until their purchase is received. 

Ultimately, offering an escrow service such as Trustap on your website can give you a more professional image, reduce the risk of fraudulent claims, help you attract more buyers, increase your sales, and reduce your costs as there are no chargeback fees. 

By Edward Jones