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How to Resell Tickets Safely Online

Selling tickets online to strangers has always been a risky task. What if there was a secure payment platform that solved all those problems?

1 month ago
How to use Trustap on Claz

Using Trustap on Claz is easy. Just navigate to your desired listing and click the ‘Make Offer’ button to get started. Learn how to transact safely online in just 4 easy steps!

1 month ago
How To Stay Safe When Buying From Online Marketplaces

Many classified websites don’t have a built in payment system therefore, finding a secure means of payment can be a difficult task for both parties. Classified websites don’t instil the greatest sense of trust in their users as it is, so oftentimes people can be particularly skeptical when it comes to payment via classified listings.

3 months ago
The History of Classifieds

Learn about the history of classified ads and how Trustap is helping to digitalize transactions as the evolution of classified continues.

3 months ago
How Buyers & Sellers Can Safely Conduct Transactions In-Person During Covid-19

With the global uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 and the restrictions set in place regarding social distancing, buying and selling with strangers has never seemed so unsafe. What if it didn’t have to be?

1 year ago