Trustap Payment Plugin for WordPress

Trustap Payment Plugin for WordPress

Secure online payment processing.
Hosted directly on your WordPress installation.

No Chargebacks

Customers never have to request a chargeback from their bank for an illegitimate transaction, saving you $25 -50 each time.

Easy Integration

With an easy-to-install solution, Trustap allows your business to transact with customers safely and seamlessly.

No Transaction Fees

Our payment solution relies on the customer to pay the small transaction fee, providing full buyer protection.

Increased Profits

With no transaction or chargeback fees, your business can increase its profit margins instantly.

Customer Acquisition

By offering full buyer protection on-site, new customers can have trust in a business they don’t know by transacting with Trustap.

Unique Solution

We provide a distinct payment solution that sets us apart from our competitors, providing transaction models that consumers have faith in.

The Most Comprehensive Global Payments Plugin for WooCommerce

Trustap’s platform meets the highest certification standards to help reduce compliance burdens for your business and keep your customer’s payments safe. With over 135 currencies and dozens of payment methods, Trustap makes it easy to launch new markets and add your customers’ preferred way of paying,
helping you focus on scaling your business to new heights.

It’s Easy to Get Started with Our WooCommerce Plugin

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